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Maths Feast for Year 10

31 March 2017

On Tuesday 21 March, four girls from Year 10 travelled to Wolverhampton University to take part in a maths competition run by the Further Maths Support Programme.

After a confusing journey caused by a faulty sat nav, we managed to arrive in one piece and ahead of time! This allowed us some time to take part in the warm up activities and appreciate the tea and biscuits.

Through the competition, aptly named the 'Maths Feast’, we were introduced to a range of questions which varied in style and level of challenge, designed to test our mathematical, communication and teamwork skills. The first ‘courses’ were the Starters, which were of a True/False nature and an Amuse-Bouche which was a ‘Countdown’ style activity. The Main ‘course’ involved using table squares, Desserts involved problem-solving and Petit Fours was a relay round.

At first we thought the challenges were very difficult, but we soon found our feet. Our favourite round was the relay, in which our teamwork skills were tested and we rose to the challenge exceptionally well.

Of the many schools taking part we achieved a very pleasing 6th place. Overall, we enjoyed this experience and we thank Mrs Lee for taking us.

By Davina Mahgerefteh, Anya Oates, Leena Medani and Hawra Mohamed

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