Pupils travel to Edgbaston High School from all parts of Birmingham and surrounding areas of the West Midlands. There are various bus and minibus services covering several routes to school and these can be found in this section. A place on any of the transport services are subject to availability. For concerns regarding pastoral or behavioural issues, please contact Mrs Cirillo-Campbell, Pastoral Deputy Head, on 0121 454 5831.

Solihull Route

This minibus service is for EHS pupils only and is operated by the School. The route is as follows: Knowle / Solihull train station / Streetsbrook Road / Robin Hood Lane / Kings Heath High Street to EHS. There is an extra minibus to accommodate children travelling from Kings Heath and Moseley. 

Stourbridge Route

This School service runs from the Stourbridge area of Birmingham with various stops on the way to EHS. Stops along the main route as follows: Stourbridge / Hagley / Hayley Green / Halesowen / Quinton. 

For further information on timings, availability and costs please contact the school directly on 0121 454 5831 or email

Streetly / Sutton Coldfield Route

Please contact the school directly for information about this route on 0121 454 5831 or email  

Public Transport Services

We have put together this guide to assist you with your planning and hope you will find it useful. All information is correct at the time of publishing but we strongly recommend you check the details and routes of your journey before travelling.