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Edgbaston High is an ambitious and thriving school with a focus on providing a broad, modern, enriching and inspiring education to ensure that EHS girls have the confidence, independence, motivation and ambition to succeed within and beyond the school.

At Edgbaston we acknowledge that a good education incorporates achieving excellent academic qualifications and our dedicated and committed staff enable the girls to expand their academic horizons and realise their potential. However, children should never be defined by their examination results and an outstanding education goes far beyond this; it is about inspiring others to aspire and achieve in multiple areas, and to enjoy the process of this as much as the end result. 

At EHS, we teach students to appreciate the impact that they have on others and particularly the responsibility that they have to give of their time, talents and charity to the wider community. We foster an environment where students can expand their minds, think flexibly, develop the skills of leadership that they all have within them, and grow as individuals.

Children should be, and deserve to be empowered, inspired and challenged throughout their education so that they leave school fully equipped to succeed in whatever they decide to pursue.

From its inception Edgbaston High has recognised and celebrated everyone as individuals but has also understood the power of the community. We know that when students, staff, parents and governors are all working together the best outcomes are elicited for all. As Headmistress, the EHS girls never fail to impress me with their achievements and the genuine desire they have to help others. Edgbaston High truly is a school that lives by its motto ‘Fideliter, Fortiter, Feliciter’ (strongly, faithfully, successfully). 

You are warmly invited to visit us so that you can see Edgbaston High for yourself and I very much look forward to welcoming you. 

Clare Macro MA (Oxon)



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