Our Ethos & Aims

Our mission is to nurture confident, considerate and intellectually curious young women.

In a stimulating and supportive environment, each girl, from our youngest to our most senior pupil, is recognised as an individual and is encouraged to explore and develop every facet of her abilities and talents so that she leaves EHS with the academic qualifications, core values and social skills that will enable her to succeed in an ever-changing world.


  1. To inspire a life-long passion for learning, to encourage a thirst for knowledge and to provide each girl with the opportunity of becoming an independent learner.
  2. To deliver education of the highest standard via a comprehensive programme of study consisting of a broad and balanced core curriculum complemented and enriched by a wide variety of extra-curricular pursuits.
  3. To foster interests which will enrich each girl and enable her to make a valuable contribution to the school and the wider community. 
  4. To provide a caring pastoral system, which supports mental health and wellbeing, enabling every girl to develop her character, confidence and demonstrate her talents, and to take on roles of leadership and responsibility.
  5. To foster a strong sense of community in which girls are helped to develop respectful and tolerant attitudes which will enable them to live in harmony with all members of society.


Edgbaston High School is a lively, happy, caring community in which every girl is valued as an individual and in which she is given full encouragement from an outstandingly united and committed Staff. Every facet of her abilities and talents is carefully considered and developed.

In a purposeful atmosphere for learning, personal and academic growth are enhanced by the richness of opportunity offered through a broad and progressive curriculum and stimulating extracurricular programme. 

Pastoral care is an integral part of every aspect of school life, and works hand in hand with academic success.