from the Head

Futures without limits

Edgbaston High is an ambitious school, providing a broad, modern and inspiring education. We aim to give girls the confidence, independence and motivation to succeed, here and throughout their lives.

A good education should, of course, include achieving excellent qualifications, and our dedicated staff help girls expand their academic horizons and realise their potential. However, at EHS, we believe children should never be defined by their exam results. An outstanding education goes far beyond this. It inspires young people to achieve in many areas, and to enjoy the process as much as the end result.

We also teach students to understand the impact they have on others, and the responsibility they have to give their time and talents to the wider community. We foster an environment where girls can expand their minds, think flexibly, develop leadership skills and grow as individuals. They should be – and deserve to be – empowered, inspired and challenged throughout their education, so they leave school fully equipped to succeed in whatever they decide to pursue.

EHS pupils never fail to impress me with their achievements and the genuine desire to help others. This truly is a school that lives by its motto, Fideliter, Fortiter, Feliciter, ‘Faithfully, Boldly, Successfully’.

Come and see EHS for yourself. I very much look forward to welcoming you.

Clare Macro MA (Oxon)