Pastoral Care

Edgbaston High School is noted for its strong and distinctive system of pastoral care.

Throughout their time with us, girls benefit from exceptional levels of support, advice and pastoral care. This helps ensure they are happy and confident with their academic studies and receive all the support and guidance they need for life beyond EHS.

Pastoral care is an integral part of every aspect of school life, and works hand-in-hand with academic success. Girls are encouraged to develop their talents in the widest sense and much emphasis is placed on raising self esteem. Much emphasis is placed on enthusiastic involvement in sport, music, House and other community activities. During her time at EHS each girl is provided with the skills for a successful and satisfying life.

Form Tutors work closely with girls in order to build on their strengths and interests and progress is monitored closely. All pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and all achievements are valued.

The school maintains excellent communications with parents and we ensure continuity of care as girl's progress throughout the school. Great emphasis is placed on our sense of community and younger girls are mentored by our Sixth Form pupils. All girls are encouraged to contribute to the decision-making process in school through the School Council.

The School Nurse and Doctor both make important contributions to the welfare of pupils and we have excellent links with community health organisations.

In addition, parents are also invited to attend the Pastoral Clinics which are noted on the calendar. These provide an opportunity for parents to come into school to discuss any aspect of their daughter's life in school with the Pastoral Deputy Head or a senior member of the Pastoral Team.

"Pupils in all year groups have an excellent standard of personal development and this is strongly supported by excellent pastoral care... Relationships amongst pupils and between teacher and pupil are a real strength of the school, ensuring an excellent level of communication which supports and encourages every pupil."

Independent Schools Inspectorate Report, 2015