Senior FAQs

Do I need to register to attend an open day?

No, although you will save time by registering beforehand so that we have all your details to hand rather than gathering these upon your arrival at the event. Please contact the Admissions Team on or telephone 0121 454 5831.

How can I apply for a scholarship for my daughter?

Academic scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Headmistress following the entrance examinations. There is no separate scholarship examination.

How many scholarships are available?

We do not have a set number of scholarships each year, it varies depending on the performance of that year’s cohort. In addition to any EHS academic scholarships we do offer four named scholarships each year, one of which is a Music scholarship.


What is the difference between a Bursary and a Scholarship?

A bursary is means-tested and takes into account household income and parents’ assets. Scholarships are not means tested and are discretionary awards. We do not offer 100% scholarships and they never exceed 50%. It is possible for us to offer you both a bursary and a scholarship.

How can I apply for a Bursary?

When registering your daughter for the entrance examination, please indicate on the Registration Form that you are interested in applying for a bursary. Once your form has been received, we will forward an application form and this must be returned to EHS by the date of the entrance examination. All applications are subject to a Home Visit from third party organisation Bursary Administration.

Does the school have a catchment area?

No. We accept applications from families based in a very wide area, and do not give preference to those living locally.

How many girls transfer over from your Prep School?

Approximately 50% of our Prep girls join our Senior School – usually around 30, having undergone the same entrance procedure as our external candidates.

What time will my daughter need to arrive by on the day of the entrance examination?

You and your daughter will be invited to attend either a morning or afternoon session. Details will be confirmed with you directly closer to the October entrance exam date.


What should my daughter wear to sit her exam? And does she need to bring anything with her?

Girls do not need to wear school uniform (although some do), they just need to be comfortable. They do not need to bring anything with them for the exam however, they may wish to bring a water bottle.

What does your Entrance Examination involve?

Our entrance examination is a computer based 50 minute exam which includes questions measuring;

  • Verbal Ability: Covering vocabulary, grammar and comprehension
  • Numerical Ability: Covering arithmetic and problem solving
  • Non-verbal Ability

Do you recommend tutoring in preparation for your entrance examination?

Tutoring is not necessary, nor something we encourage. We do recommend that your daughter practises Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning: the Bond 11+ books are a good resource. We do not provide any past papers. We want our entrance examination to assess a child’s ability to learn..

Do you give extra time to girls with special educational needs? (SEN)

If your daughter has an educational psychologist’s report which states that she has a special educational need, you will need to send us a copy of this in advance. The report should be less than 2 years old. This will then be reviewed by our Director of Learning. Please include on your registration form any medical information, such as problems with eyesight or hearing, which may significantly affect your daughter’s performance in the exam.


What about interviews?

Edgbaston High School has a policy of interviewing each girl and parents’ as part of the selection process for admission to Senior School. We believe that this gives each child an opportunity to show us her personality, interests and ability outside of the examination room and it forms a key part of our decision-making. Interviews take place on the day of the entrance examination. Interviews are undertaken by senior members of staff and we allocate a maximum of 20 minutes to each family.

When will I receive the results?

Results and subsequent offers are normally posted to parents during the second week of December following the entrance examination in October. We do not provide a score like the grammar schools exams. Your letter will detail whether or not your daughter has been offered a place at EHS and what kind of offer e.g. full fee paying, scholarship or bursary.

When do I need to make my decision by?

We ask for final decision whether you intend to accept, or decline, our offer of a place in early March.