Edgbaston High School is proud of achieving extremely good examination results for all pupils in a very broad range of subjects. Each year girls go on to study higher education courses and attend prestigious academic institutions. Each and every pupil at EHS is valued for her individual talents and abilities and this is reflected in the varied destination of our Year 13 leavers.

One method of measuring academic success is by looking at the value-added score, evaluated by working out the differential between the grades one would expect a student to obtain based on their underlying ability and the grades that they actually obtain. Value-added performance at EHS is under constant review, using data provided by the University of Durham’s Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring. We are proud that EHS students regularly achieve one or two grades higher than their underlying ability suggests.


EHS pupils consistently achieve well above the expected standard for pupils of their ability, compared to the national average. Overall, value-added at GCSE level is extremely positive. In 2021-22 Art and Design, English Language and Literature students achieved over one grade higher than students of the same ability in other institutions. In other subjects including DT, F&N, French, Geography, History, Latin, Maths and RS students achieved over half a grade higher than predicted.

At A-Level

In 2021-22 many of our A-Level students achieved excellent value-added with particularly impressive scores in Classical Civilisation, French, Latin, Mathematics, Psychology, Religious Studies and Classical Greek. In these subjects students exceeded their predictions.