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Year 1 Eco Champions!

21 October 2016

Last Friday, 1C performed an assembly with a very important message for pupils and parents.

The assembly was about a penguin family who travelled the globe encouraging humans to look after our planet because the ice was melting at the poles and spoiling the homes of penguins and polar bears.

The penguins taught the humans they met in Australia to recycle cardboard, paper, tin cans, plastic and glass.  They visited a school in the UK and sang a song to encourage children and parents to walk, skip, scoot or cycle to school instead of travelling by car.  They told the lumberjacks in Brazil to stop cutting down trees and plant new trees instead.  They even appeared in a radio broadcast in the USA to encourage humans to turn their central heating down and switch off the lights when not needed. 

 The pupils worked really hard to learn lots of catchy songs and actions. 

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