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A Day in World Book Land

11 March 2016

World Book Day brought a buzz of excitement to the Prep School last Thursday when staff and girls, from Kindergarten to Year 6, were invited to step into the shoes of a well-known character from a book.

There were characters from Harry Potter novels, The Wizard of Oz, classic books such as Heidi and Alice’s Adventures, Roald Dahl stories, fairy tales, Shakespeare and newer, modern books. There were witches, school girls, dragons, princesses and story book villains.

At break times on the day the librarians conducted a survey to find out why people had selected their particular character. The main reasons for choice were that people had chosen characters from a favourite book or because they particularly liked or admired the character. Others had chosen characters who made them laugh, were connected to a favourite hobby or interest or who had inspired them. 

Also, in lessons during the day, each class in the Prep Department composed a group story based on a selection of the characters that the girls had dressed up as. The results were very imaginative and enjoyable to read and will be on display to be read later in the term.

The Prep School girls thoroughly enjoyed focusing on books and stories and being global citizens on World Book Day.

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