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UKMT Challenge

11 December 2015

On Thursday 26 November, Hafsah Khan and Tamara Freeman along with Rebecca Presswood and Jenny Wang (Year 13) left EHS at 9:15am to participate in the Regional Finals of the UKMT Senior Team Challenge.

Upon arrival, we were given 10 practice questions as a warm up which we completed - with a little help from Mrs Lee! After waiting for all 24 teams to arrive, we began the first group round. In this round we were required to answer 10 challenging questions within a time constraint of 40 minutes. Each correctly answered question resulted in 6 marks. We were delighted to get 7 out of the 10 questions correct giving us a score of 42/60.

The second round, also with a fixed time of 40 minutes was the Crossnumber. For this, we were required to split into pairs. One pair worked on the Across clues while the other pair worked on Down. Limited communication was permitted, which was particularly difficult due to the fact that some answers depended on one another - if one was incorrect we wouldn’t be able to complete the Crossnumber!  We scored a total of 56/60 on this round, a score which both we and Mrs Lee were thrilled with.

After a lunch of sandwiches and cookies, we buckled down to work on the last round- the Shuttle. We had to solve four sets of four mathematical questions with 8 minutes per set. The first set contained question A1, A2, A3 and A4. Pair 1 worked on question A1, the answer of which they passed on to Pair 2 so they could answer question A2 etc. The series of sets carried on in this method.

Overall, we came 6th out of the 24 teams in the region, a score which we were absolutely delighted with. Our thanks go to the school for allowing us to participate in this memorable event and to Mrs Lee for accompanying us.

Tamara Freeman and Hafsah Khan (12S)

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