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The Annual Sixth Form Sleepover

11 October 2013

On Thursday 10  October, nearly 100 Sixth Formers and twice as many pillows invaded the Octagon to set up camp for the night ahead. Although somewhat different from the D of E experience, the EHS excitement was out in force.

This annual tradition invites all the Year 12s and 13s to sleep over in the school, with a set timetable of activities to do. PJs and onesies were worn, many with matching slippers. Once everyone had set up their beds, including one full-sized blow-up bed that included three layers and was apparently the most comfortable place to sleep in the whole school, we were ready for dinner. This involved 60 pizzas to share and a side of sweets and fizzy drinks to keep the excitement high - this was definitely needed with a packed night still to come.

All was consumed, with little going spare for the teachers. We then gathered for a well-organised quiz put together by our leadership team and included a very personal round about some of their memorable moments.

After the teachers won the quiz - and luckily shared the prize - we were all ready for a massive game of hide and seek around the school. This included hiding in Dr Weeks' office and in the kitchen staff room, very successful places if you didn't want to get found.

Once we finished the third round and gathered everyone together again, we shared 15 bags of popcorn for the anticipated girly film. After some were found falling asleep during the movie, we settled down to get ready to wake up for school the next day.

At 7:00am we were woken by Mrs Coley and very bright lights and needed to get up quickly for the Octagon to be ready for Friday's assembly. We were then all set for a big breakfast provided by school, which included a cheese board, lots of coffee and warm croissants. This helped us recover from the night before.

Overall the experience of sleeping over at school was very unusual but we all thoroughly enjoyed it, especially for the Year 13s who said it was "definitely a memorable time and one we won't forget from our last year at EHS".

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