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Sixth Form Textiles Competition

15 January 2016

Last term, the AS Level Textile students took part in a fascinating project working with a commercial interior designer, Suzanne Barnes. This was an incredible opportunity for us as it was a chance to work with industry.

We were given a brief to design and produce six to eight furnishing fabric samples inspired by either a cultural event or an exhibition. The Venice Carnival and Savage Beauty, the Alexander McQueen Exhibition at London’s V&A, gave us particular inspiration since some of us were lucky enough to experience one or both of these events.

During the project we used a wide variety of different fabrics, ranging from brightly coloured PVC to delicate gold silks. A wide range of techniques were used such as quilting, cut and slash and applique and modern techniques were also employed for example, LED lights were used with exciting results.

The girls particularly enjoyed getting into the competitive spirit; after all it was a competition! But out of the six girls taking part, there could only be one winner. Everybody’s projects were unique and exciting. At the end of the project, Suzanne came to judge our work.

After lots of debating and discussion, Suzanne awarded Jaskaran Dosanjh the winner of the Suzanne Barnes Design Award 2015. She was delighted with all the girls’ work and particularly pleased with the professional finish of Jaskaran’s fabrics and the colour palate which she used was very ‘on-trend’. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Suzanne and would like to thank her for giving us such a wonderful opportunity.

Mrs L Mooney


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