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Shoo Rayner visits the Prep School

02 December 2016

Shoo Rayner, children’s book author and illustrator visited Prep last Friday as part of the opening ceremony of our new library and Art Studio.

The day started with an assembly where Shoo read his version of the story of Pandora’s Box much to the delight of the audience of girls from Years 1-6.

Each of the year groups then worked with Shoo for a period of the day where he showed them how to create illustrations of characters.  All girls left Prep Hall clutching a masterpiece to take home.

After joining guests for the official opening of the Prep extension by Sir Stephen Brown, Shoo cut the ribbon to open the newly extended library.  The girls were all gathered on the terrace to join in and gave a rousing three cheers before going off to a celebration tea.

Before our special visitor left our Newshounds, Rosanna and Ramneek had an opportunity to ask Shoo what had inspired him to take up his chosen career.

‘What inspired me to become a writer, was when I was at art college my colleague/mate was a children's book illustrator and he sort of inspired me....because he thought I was going to be a good children's book illustrator.  He told me to go and look at some of these picture books, and I looked at all these children's books in the art school's library and there was this one book called 'Where the Wild Things Are' and I opened it up and it was wow!   I said to him, "Do you mean you can do this for a job?" He said "Yes!" and that's what really, really inspired me all the way down.

Very early on I was illustrating for Michael  Morpurgo and to illustrate his books  I had to pull his stories apart, tease them apart, and then I saw how he put them together and I'd think "Oh, that's how he did it." So Michael Morpurgo also inspired me.’

We all enjoyed our day and are looking forward to a further visit from Shoo in the future.



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