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Seeds Land From Outer Space!

22 April 2016

EHS Prep School is taking part in a Rocket Science Project running in partnership with the UK Space Agency. In September 2015 several kilograms of rocket seeds were sent to the International Space Station where they spent six months orbiting the earth and four months with European Space Agency Astronaut, Tim Peake.

Once the seeds returned to earth they were sent to participating schools and they arrived at EHS this week. The experiment ahead is to grow the seeds alongside seeds that have not been to space to see if there are any differences in their growth.

On Thursday our own space explorers delivered the seeds and our Year 2 scientists planted them.  All girls planted two seeds each, one from space and one which has not orbited the earth. We look forward to charting the progress of the special seeds and will report further on this exciting project.

We just hope that we do not grow any aliens!

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