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Super scientists

27 January 2017

Science activities are always met with enthusiasm by the girls in Prep and this week was no exception. Super Scientists in Year 2 were amazed to see what happened in their Chromatography experiment.

 They used black, green and purple permanent markers and added drops of water from a pipette. Then they watched other colours appear on the filter paper and recorded their results.  The girls are really enjoying the topic of ‘Colour and Light’ and are looking forward to their visit to the Planetarium in February.

In Year 4, girls have been engaged in a parachute challenge. They have been looking at how water resistance and air resistance slow things down when falling. The girls had to design a parachute that would compete with that of their peers. Each parachute was timed to drop from the same height to see which parachute fell the slowest.

We are sure that these girls will use their Science skills in their future careers.

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