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Prep Science Explorers

30 January 2015

In Science Explorers Club this week, we learnt a little about our amazing bodies and the senses we use to perceive the world around us. Most people think that you have only five senses but we identified another four on Tuesday.

We looked at how we can cope if some of our senses are taken away and looked at the challenges blind people face. We have learned some of the Braille alphabet and made our door sign.We also found out that we could hear more sounds if we had our eyes closed.

One discovery was that we can locate sounds by moving our heads and, with practice, got very good at it. Even more surprising however was that we can still locate sounds very well if we only use one ear! The shape of our ear actually enables us to detect which direction the sound is coming from.

We also did an experiment with a coat hanger and string that had a surprising result ...

Well done to all explorers with special mention to Navneet for her amazing powers of proprioception!

Today's workshop was developed with the help of the  who help blind children in developing countries.There are some fun games on their website and you can learn more about coping with blindness and how it can be treated.

Miss Samson
Prep Science Co-ordinator

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