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30 June 2017

It seems hardly possible that a week has passed since we were celebrating our girls’ sporting talents at our Sports Day. We were relieved that last Friday was a cooler day for our three events all held on the same day. You can read more about the exciting day in the full article.

Monday brought a different set of challenges for Year 4 as they came to school nervous but excited about their English Speaking Board Examinations. They had all worked very hard in preparation so with poems practised, presentations prepared and readings ready they were set to meet the examiners. After the event the girls were pleased about their performances and now await the results.

Whilst Year 4 were engaged with examinations Year 3 girls spent the day in our Art Studio. It was Monet Day. They had looked at the work of the famous artist earlier and this was the day for mixing and blending colours and creating their ‘Monet Masterpieces’. The girls really enjoyed this experience even though it was very hard not being able to use a pencil at all!

On Tuesday, the Prep School was very busy. The Vikings invaded for the day in Year 3 and you can read about their experience separately. Year 6 girls also extended their knowledge with the second of our First Aid days. They were able to pick up useful skills at these sessions.

During the week Year 2 girls have been busy investigating irreversible changes in Science. They enjoyed seeing how heating and mixing different materials caused irreversible changes to happen. The girls observed the changes that happened to bread when toasted, angel delight when whisked with milk, and popcorn when heated in a pan. They looked closely at how the materials had permanently changed and carefully recorded their observations.

Year 2 were busy again on Thursday as they entertained their parents at the Minibeasts Concert. We were all charmed by the mixture of songs and poems and information they presented and amazed at all the words they had to learn.

Thursday evening was a very busy one at EHS as Year 4 were invited to ‘Meet the Leadership Team’ after their ESB presentations to parents and Year 5 met up with Year 10 girls at the ‘Tea and Talk’ Evening. These events were followed by tours of Senior School as they look ahead to their future in Senior School.

Next week, our last of this academic year, we look forward to Changeover Day on Monday, our whole school picnic on Tuesday followed by the Year 6 House Gala and theatre production, Year 4 rearranged House Gala on Wednesday and Senior Gym Showcase evening. Our last full day concludes with our Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly which we look forward to welcoming parents to. This will be their last event in Prep too and will probably bring tears!

I would also remind you that on Friday Westbourne girls can be collected from 11.30 am and the Prep Department at 12.00. We would ask that all girls are collected by 12.15 pm to start their Summer break.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School


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