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22 January 2016

The girls have been very active in the playground this week combatting the lower temperatures, even though they were a little disappointed that the flurry of snow was not enough to make a snowman.

They have also been very busy indoors with a range of learning experiences which have included a focus on food and healthy eating in the week’s assemblies.  You can read more about these activities in our extra articles. 

In addition, Year 2 girls have been using algorithms to program a Beebot to move across a map of the United Kingdom. They have really enjoyed working together on this activity linking use of technology with Geography.

In Nursery the girls took the opportunity of practising their medical skills by helping Mrs Kennedy with her poorly foot.  She was impressed by their sympathetic bedside manners and is sure many of them will pursue careers in medicine.

A future in zoology may lie ahead of girls in Year 6 who were very excited to learn, first hand, more about Miss Nelsey’s stick insects, Sticky, Twiggy and Bach.  Year 4 are also looking forward to learning about similar creatures that inhabit the rainforest in their Roadshow workshop.

We look forward to seeing parents at the EHSPA Ball this Saturday and Year 4 parents on Friday 29 January, at the meeting about the Culmington Manor trip.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School


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