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Prep News

14 October 2016

Last week was a very busy week for the girls in Year 2.  On Wednesday they really enjoyed their Fire of London workshop which you can read more about in the separate story.  Then on Thursday they were pleased to welcome Mr Mohamed, an eye specialist, to school.  He came to talk as part of the girls’ Science topic on the Senses.  They learned all about the parts of the eye and how we see. They also learned how to keep their eyes safe and what happens when we visit an optician.  Thank you to Mr Mohamed.

In Monday’s Celebration Assembly we were very pleased to present the medals to our two winning Biathlon teams following a most successful regional competition on Sunday.  We were delighted with everyone’s performances.  We also presented an individual award for horse riding and our weekly Well Done Certificates to Years 1 and 2.

Our School Council badges were awarded too and the Year 6 class representatives gave a PowerPoint presentation of the suggestions of charities to support for this year.  The girls are going to vote and the School Council members will report on the final choices from their classes of a local and a National Charity.

The younger girls in the school enjoyed an assembly on Wednesday all about how to be a responsible pet owner.  They realised just what a lot of work is involved in taking care of a pet, especially if you are a dog owner.  Mrs Aston was helped in the assembly by a number of girls.

The girls are always keen to take part in Science experiments but even more so when chocolate is involved.  Year 4 have been learning about solids and liquids. They made chocolate buttons and ice lollies and obviously they discussed the changing state as they were tasting!

In Reception, their topic work was based on healthier food as they worked with a friend to make a fruit basket.  They communicated well and discussed how they were going to construct and decorate the container.

On Thursday we marked the 900th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.  Girls in form 4O presented some facts they had researched about the famous event and the lasting effects on our country.  They also displayed a replica of the Bayeux Tapestry depicting the battle.  The real one is 70 metres long.  The girls have been challenged by Mrs Collins to find out how many netball court lengths that is.

This week we have enjoyed meeting parents at the four parents’ evenings.  Next week we are looking forward to our Harvest Assemblies and ask that girls bring in dried, packet and canned foods by Monday.  We also remind parents that Wednesday is Pink Day in support of Breast Cancer Care.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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