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10 June 2016

The end of last half term was a very busy one with our Medical Mavericks workshop for Year 6 and success in the Hallfield Relays event for two teams of girls.  These saw a first place for our Year 3 and 4 Team and a third place for the Year 5 and 6 Team.  You can read more about these events in the additional stories.

Our space seed experiment was also completed on May 27.   Our results have been submitted and the Year 2 girls, and staff, are eagerly awaiting the feedback from Tim Peake on July 1 who will reveal which set of seeds has been into space!  It has been very exciting taking part in some National Research.

We began this half term with an assembly advertising our Charity Fair which is to take place on Monday 13 June.  Each class has organised a fun activity for others to play and enjoy for a 20p cost.  A class representative advertised their activity to all in the Prep School using a poster they had produced.  There was much excitement and all we now need is for the girls to remember their money to spend in small coins and for some nice weather!  We are all looking forward to next week.

Year 2 also arrived back from the holiday to a very pleasant surprise as they received a reply from Buckingham Palace, thanking them for the birthday card they sent on the occasion of Her Majesty's special birthday.   This week continuing the Royal theme, Year 2 have enjoyed making crowns out of clay. They rolled a flat shape then used tools to create the crown. They decorated the crowns with gems and jewels and used colourful paints to decorate them. We are sure Her Majesty would like them!  They are all looking forward to the Trooping of the Colour on Saturday.

Girls in 2T demonstrated their performance skills in assembly on Wednesday with their individual presentations.  We were all impressed by their confidence and assured performances.  Well done 2T!

This week has ended in another flurry of activity as Year 6 have been transported to Ancient Egypt, Year 5 have travelled on the Big Brum Bus Trip and Year 3 have enjoyed an adventure in Lickey Hills.  You can find out more about these activities in the next edition of Friday Headlines.

Next week, in addition to our Charity Fair on Monday, we have a visit from Major Mustard and our Summer Concert to look forward to on Wednesday.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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