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09 June 2017

Everyone has returned this week after the break geared up for a busy half term ahead with much to look forward to.

We started the week in school with our Celebration Assembly with much to be proud of. There were the Well Done awards for the girls in Years 1 and 2 for a wide range of skills including being a good friend, contributing well to discussions, excellent Mathematics and comprehension work and demonstrating impressive Art skills.

We also congratulated our runners who took part in the Hallfield Relays at the end of last half term which you can read more about in the separate article. There were certificates of excellence too for the Year 5 and 6 girls who participated in the 10th Chinese Calligraphy Competition. Music certificates were presented to girls who took examinations last term. These were for singing, oboe, guitar, theory and flute and we are delighted with the standard achieved.

We hope that parents and girls have enjoyed celebrating our achievements from the first half of this academic year in issue 1 of the new Prep School magazine, ‘Echoes’, which has been emailed this week.

We have enjoyed two class assemblies this week which were presented to parents. Girls in 1B demonstrated how well they could work together as they sang a number of songs, reminded us of some of the work they have completed this year and then acted the story of Farmer Duck. We also enjoyed looking at examples of their Art work.

Class 6I, in their class assembly, presented a series of scenarios about keeping safe to mark Child Safety Week. They included how to keep safe when crossing the road, using electricity, being on the internet and being out in the sun and about ‘Stranger Danger’. The messages were very clearly and confidently presented and will be used to help other girls in Prep to keep themselves safe.

On Wednesday evening Prep Hall hosted the Annual Summer Supper for the Old Girls’ Association. The guests enjoyed arriving through the new Prep entrance, looking at the new library where they held the AGM and the Art Studio. They also enjoyed, as ever, reminiscing about their days in school.

We have ended this week with a historical tour of the city for Year 5 as they enjoyed the Big Brum Bus Tour. Despite the wet and windy weather, the girls enjoyed finding out more about Victorian architecture and the industrial history of the city of Birmingham. This included information about influential families such as the Calthorpes from Edgbaston. The girls and staff were all amazed to hear that in Birmingham there are six million trees and one million people. It certainly is a green city!

Next week we have much to look forward to including the Major Mustard workshop, Egyptian Day, Year 2 Swimming Gala and 1A class assembly. We also look forward to welcoming parents to our Summer Concert on Thursday evening at 4.30 pm.

Looking ahead we hope families may join us at the Allotment Open Day on Sunday 18th June. You can find further details in the separate article.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School


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