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06 May 2016

Last week was rather quiet in Prep as many of our Year 6 girls had travelled to France. We were very glad to see them back safely on Friday evening, clearly having enjoyed their time away. You can read more about their adventure and the challenges faced by the girls who stayed in school in the separate stories.

The end of the week also brought a special visitor to Year 2 when Grandad Joe visited to tell the girls about his special memories of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. This personal account helped to bring the History lessons to life.

This week the sports squads, clubs and teams have been photographed following a busy year of activities. These will be available to view soon.

Year 6 girls have acted as guides for prospective parents at our Open House event.  In addition to meeting girls and viewing lessons, visitors have enjoyed the opportunity to have a preliminary look at the new rooms in our extension building programme.  Highlights are the spectacular Art Room and fully extended Library.  The refurbished Prep Hall with its English oak floor is also now back in use.

Thursday’s Celebration Assembly included the results of our internal judging of the British Science Association Poster competition.  Our congratulations to our overall winner, Amaris Talati and Year group winners, Bharvna Marri, Renia Ganguly, Anfisa Prokhorova, Maia Kanagaratnam, Julia Watson and Georgina Day.  Prizes were awarded to these girls and also Highly Commended and Commended certificates to our other entrants for their excellent effort.  We eagerly await news of Amaris’s entry which has been shortlisted in the final round of the National Competition.  We thank everyone for their support and there is still time to vote on this link if you have not done so.

Well done also to our Key Stage 1 girls who received certificates, Year 6 Pocket Money Challenge prize winners and to all girls who received individual certificates for a variety of endeavours.

The week has ended with a Teatime concert given by girls in Years 5 and 6. There were solo performances from many of our senior musicians. We are looking forward to our Summer Concert when we will hear our ensembles perform.

Next week we wish good luck and nice weather to Year 5 girls as they travel to Cranedale and Year 4 who are off to London. We also look forward to welcoming parents in to 3J class assembly on Wednesday.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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