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Back to Victorian Britain

07 April 2017

Year 5 girls were very excited to board the coach for Ironbridge on Wednesday 29 March, as part of their historical studies to consolidate their knowledge of Victorian Britain.

Our first stop was to see the world’s first iron bridge and find out more in the Museum of the Gorge. The girls were amazed by the size and engineering of the bridge and they searched to find the hidden silhouette of the designer Abraham Darby on one of the girders. Stepping back in time as we disembarked was a real treat.

To see the shops, mine and homes of the period really brought the village alive. The girls took a little time to adjust to using their shillings, farthings and pence, but thoroughly enjoyed spending their money in the various shops. Soon they were clutching a variety of boiled sweets, cob rolls, decorative plaster ornaments and lavender bags.

The mine experience was dark, damp and several girls were slightly apprehensive, so we were able to realise the hard work involved and the terrible conditions for children born into a mining family. Unsurprisingly no one was very keen to go back in time and take on that role!

Back in school Year 5 dressed as Victorians for the day. They were taught by their very own strict school mistresses and presented clean hands and neat appearances at all times during the day. Writing on a slate then progressed to ink and a pen with a nib. Several copybooks were blotted and the cane was administered on more than one occasion!

A great experience, but we were all rather relieved to go back to the usual routines on Monday.

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