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13 January 2017

Term is now well under way with activities, clubs and visits in full swing.  It is good to see the girls engaged with their lessons and enjoying their learning whilst looking forward to their variety of extra-curricular sessions. Year 6 girls have the extra excitement of preparing for the audition stage of their annual production which this year is going to take place in this Spring Term.

At the end of last week Year 1 ventured to the Town Hall to see a performance of ‘What the Ladybird Heard.’ Rosanna and Ramneek, Prep’s Newshounds, interviewed the girls to find out what they thought about their trip. The Year 1 girls reported that the play was funny but also scary in parts.  Their favourite characters were the ladybird and the fat cow. One said, ’It is the best trip so far at EHS.’  Another girl said, ‘I definitely want to go again.’  It was clearly a successful trip.

We began this week with the introduction of our updated Behaviour Code and a reminder of the importance of following the rules to ensure we have a happy school. There were also Well Done certificates for girls in Years 1 and 2 and the presentation of individual awards for skiing, swimming and fencing.

At this time of year, the weather can affect the activities available. On a wet Monday, the Nursery girls enjoyed playing ball games indoors.  Eliza who has just joined us aimed very well into the net and the girls are already looking like potential netball squad members of the future.

Tuesday brought a gala for our Year 5 and 6 swim squad members at Blue Coat School. The girls swam very well and returned with a second and third place.  The girls enjoyed the events and the Swimming Staff were very pleased with the girls’ efforts especially when they swam strokes which are not necessarily their favourite ones.

Girls in Reception were full of beans this week! As part of their topic they learnt which beans are used for beans on toast, how they are grown, taken to the factory and put into cans. Their learning was enhanced by the eating of the finished product.

The Barber Institute was the venue visited by Year 5 this week as they enjoyed a study of portraiture, a part of their Art curriculum. We will report on their experience next week.

We are grateful to our Year 6 girls who have volunteered to act as guides for our Prep School Open Day on Saturday and we know they are looking forward to their tours of Senior School in Action next week. We look forward to welcoming visitors and showing them our new facilities which are being well used now.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School


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