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Healthy Food Week

22 January 2016

This week in the Prep School we have been focusing on healthy eating.

The week started with the introduction of the new child-friendly labels being used at lunch time to help make food choices easier for the girls.

Girls in Years 3 – 6 then looked at what influences the type of food we eat.  In addition to factors such as age, where in the world we live and certain allergies, the girls recognised that personal likes and dislikes are important too.  Several teachers shared their own eating experiences with the girls and assured them that they must keep trying new foods as personal tastes change as they get older.

In assembly on Wednesday the girls in Years 1 and 2 demonstrated their extensive knowledge of fruits and vegetables helped by Parsley, the rabbit.  They also enjoyed the story, ‘I Don’t Like Peas!’

Eating a balanced diet was the final theme of the week.  Miss Robinson talked to the girls about why we need to eat food; to give us energy, keep us healthy and to help us to grow.  She also included questions about the different food groups.  Mrs Aston talked about the importance of eating a balanced diet.  Several members of Prep staff helped by demonstrating what not to eat with plates of just carbohydrate or just protein!  The lively presentation will help the girls to remember to think carefully about making a balanced choice.

We hope to involve the School Council in organising a food questionnaire to gauge the views of girls later in the term.


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