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GSA Choral Girls Sing Together

18 March 2016

Girls from Prep always enjoy making new friends and last Thursday was no exception when EHS Year 5 and 6 Choir played host to girls from Dodderhill and Derby High Schools at the GSA Choral Day.

Once everyone was settled in the Octagon, the day was spent enjoying warm-up singing exercises and learning new songs, many of which included ‘groovy’ actions and singing in three parts.

When they stopped for lunch everyone was challenged to make a new friend and it was clear that this worked well as the three schools were well mixed after the break with lots of smiling faces. Some girls were swapping email addresses at the end of the day too!

At the informal performance towards the end of the afternoon the massed choir showcased their work from the day. They performed with gusto and sang just a selection of the songs learnt during the day. They had clearly worked extremely hard and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Our sincere thanks to Mrs Howell for organising the day and accompanying on the piano and also to Miss Vango for her enthusiasm in leading the event.

We hope to repeat this event in the future.

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