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Girls Join WWI Commemoration

03 October 2014

This week saw the launch of a four year project to commemorate the centenary anniversary of World War I, in line with events in the rest of the country.

In assembly on Monday the girls were given some outline information to help them to understand what the anniversary is about.Miss Deacon was joined by Mr Smith from Senior School and they used slides and artefacts as part of their presentation.They explained that our focus in Prep will be on memories and remembering and that activities will include writing, drama and art.

Some art work, on the theme of poppies, already exhibited at the Botanical gardens during the summer holiday was shared by the girls who helped to create it.

On Wednesday girls in Years 3 - 6 enjoyed an interactive drama presentation in the Octagon.Again information was shared on a variety of different aspects of the war years including the role of women, use of gas masks, gas goggles and helmets, embroidery and the recruiting and training of soldiers.

The girls were praised by the presenter for their interest and good behaviour and were encouraged to research further into trench art.This included the beautiful embroidered cards completed by the soldiers to relieve boredom of many hours in the trenches and sent home to loved ones.

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