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Storyteller a source of inspiration for Year 3

20 January 2017

This term, Year 3 are focusing on story writing. To help them to generate ideas and to understand story structure, we invited the acclaimed storyteller Giles Abbott to run a workshop on storytelling. The day started with the whole of Prep being entranced by a performance of ‘Lazy Jack’ during assembly. 

Afterwards, the Year 3 girls worked in groups to create stories based on their own, diverse imaginations and then worked to add detail and different story modes to develop an engaging yarn. We finished with each group performing their story and refining their performance skills.  Next week, the parents of Year 3 will be able to come to an assembly and hear how their children have learned to perform their own creations confidently to an audience.

Newshounds Ramneek and Rosanna took the opportunity to interview Giles during his visit.  By asking him a range of questions they discovered that he had been inspired by his wife to become a storyteller although until he was 25 years old he did not realise that he could make this undoubted skill into a career.  He did not think you could tell stories for a job and he remembered as a teenager being scared when people asked him what he wanted to do as he had no idea at the time.

The girls asked Giles about his favourite stories and he clearly enjoys older, traditional stories best but when he is telling them he adapts them for the target audience.  Many of his stories have morals but he likes to leave his audience to choose their own message from his tales. As a legacy, Giles hopes that people will cherish their memories of his stories and remember his name.

In the assembly presentation Rosanna particularly liked the humour created by Giles and how he helped to create the scenes and Ramneek enjoyed the interaction with the audience.

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