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Geographers investigate regeneration

17 February 2017

Last weekend, Year 12 Geographers, Mrs Hughes and Miss Rance braved the cold to undertake fieldwork at Slapton Ley Field Studies Centre.

We left Birmingham on Friday to undertake fieldwork investigating regeneration in Totnes. This interesting and inspiring town has rejected chain stores in a bid to become more sustainable and has even introduced its own currency, the Totnes Pound.

From here, we travelled to the study centre for dinner and an early night. The dinner menu included the carbon footprint of each meal and we were amazed to see that chicken curry produced ten times more carbon dioxide than the sweet potato curry.

On Saturday, we explored Start Bay and investigated coastal processes here. Whilst the wind chill made it extremely cold, us hardy geographers were not deterred and we collected a wide range of data. An investigation in Slapton itself followed on Sunday, looking at why this rural village is in need of regeneration, before returning to Totnes for the train home.


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