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Facing your fears!

27 January 2017

On Friday, girls in Year 4 had a fascinating day as they were transported to the rainforest during a visit from Dave Shaw. The girls not only learnt about the threats to the rainforest and what they could do to help to save it, they also gained insight into the lives of the indigenous people.

The highlight of the morning was undoubtedly seeing and touching some of the creatures Dave brought with him - the stick insects that looked like dead leaves, the giant millipede, the bird-eating spider and especially the milk snake.

In the afternoon, the girls had their faces painted in tribal designs, made tribal necklaces and did some drawing. The day ended with food sampling - delicious guanabana juice, casian bark and durian fruit.

This was an enjoyable day for most although it raised some huge challenges for others.  Georgie, Leen and Mrs Aston had to face their fear of snakes.  This was not an easy challenge as each has a complete phobia of the animals.  Their achievement in holding the snake was tremendous and we are proud of them all.

Rosanna and Ramneek, our Newshounds, found out more about how they felt:

Georgie, who could not normally even be in the room with a snake, felt very proud that she had a go.  She was very relieved when it was over but felt she had accomplished something.

Leen was very scared of the thought that the snake might bite her. It is the snake‚Äôs tongue that is most scary. Leen felt quite overwhelmed but completed the challenge. 

Mrs Aston said seeing Georgie holding the snake had pushed her to do the same and made her feel that she had to be brave. She does not know why she is frightened of snakes but tries hard to hide her fear.

Well done for taking up the challenge to face your fears.

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