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Happy Chinese New Year!

12 February 2016

This week, along with many other people in the world, we have marked the start of the Chinese New Year.

Our celebration began in assembly on Monday when girls in Years 1-6 heard the story of the naming of the years after twelve animals who took part in a race to cross a river.   They also found out the name of the year they were born in.

In Nursery, one of the girls brought in sweets to share with her classmates, which she gave out in red envelopes.  The girls also enjoyed looking at the Chinese display table and they made puppets too.   These were monkey puppets, of course, as 2016 is the year of the monkey.

Girls in Kindergarten refined their fine motor skills by trying to serve the wool noodles.  This was good practice for using chop sticks when at a restaurant in the future!

In Year 1 the girls were delighted by the gift of fortune cookies from one of their classmates.

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