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Chemistry in action

11 November 2016

On Wednesday 9 November, eight A-Level Chemistry students travelled to the University of Warwick to attend a Chemistry in Action lecture alongside Mrs Brookes and Mr Tomaszewicz.

With several famous scientists and researchers leading the lectures, the girls were fascinated to learn some interesting facts that helped to enhance their understanding of several areas of the A-Level syllabus such as rates of reaction, allotropes of carbon and some extremely useful ‘exam techniques for scientists’.

With some exciting experiments shown live, the girls thoroughly enjoyed their informative trip to the university which allowed them to appreciate and develop an understanding of how important Chemistry is and how it affects their day to day lives. Having visited such a prestigious university in itself, this has helped to motivate the girls to achieve their future goals and aspirations by continuing to working hard throughout their remaining time at EHS.

Aman Sidhu, Year 12

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