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Bonnes vacances en France!

06 May 2016

Bright and early on Monday 25 April, 32 Year 6 pupils and four members of the Prep staff gathered on the school car park for their long-awaited trip to Rue in France. Having bundled their suitcases on to the coach and waved goodbye to their teary parents, the girls settled down for the lengthy journey ahead. Much excitement arose when visiting the motorway services and of course crossing the Channel on the ferry, when the girls were allowed to purchase their own breakfast, drinks and snacks….which they did in abundance!

Upon arrival at our destination, the Château du Broutel, the girls were whisked off for a tour of the grounds (including the much–visited tuck shop!), shown to their dormitories and then rushed into dinner, before an evening activity of either Château Olympics or Pétanque to burn off some energy before bedtime! After a good night’s sleep the girls were up and ready each morning, looking forward to their breakfast of cereal, fruit, yogurts, croissant and pain au chocolat to set them up for the busy days we had planned.

The language module of the trip involved: a visit to a typical French market, an introduction to French mayonnaise making, a visit to a snail farm (where they held live snails and then sampled some of the local delicacies, a trip to a wheat farm (where they were taught how to make corn dollies/decorations) and they also took part in a treasure hunt around the town of Rue, where we were staying. During each of these visits the girls were encouraged to listen to and engage in French conversation, testing out elements they have covered in their language lessons at school. Many of the visits also involved opportunities to ‘shop’ which always went down extremely well!

The second part of their trip involved a number of adventurous activities: Blind Trail, Archery, Orienteering, Zip Wiring and the Obstacle Course. The girls were required to work as teams, supporting each other both physically and mentally! It was lovely to hear supporting shouts of encouragement for girls who were a little fearful or unsure at times. Each of the Year 6 girls pushed themselves to do things they perhaps had not done before and should be proud of all their personal achievements. They also enjoyed taking part in a group camp fire, singing songs and eating toasted marshmallows and were shown how to follow tracks and camouflage themselves in the wild.

We returned to school on Friday evening, exhausted but happy and I am sure that both pupils and staff enjoyed having the long weekend to sleep off the excitement of the trip!

Many thanks to Mrs Aston, Miss Nelsey and Mrs Flitter who accompanied us for the week.

Miss C. Robinson

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