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Art exhibition showcases student talent

07 July 2017

This year’s Art Exhibition took place on Thursday 29 June, at the same time as Open Day, which meant that visitors as well as parents had the opportunity to see the impressive array of work produced by girls in the Art department this year.

As ever, there was a huge range of work on display, including Ceramics, Fine Art, Graphic Design and Movie-Making. African tribal masks in the Ceramics studio made a bold splash of colour, contrasting with the quirky elegance and character of an array of circus figures in various interesting postures. Ceramic food on plates and a display of colourful pots inspired by fruit made a very memorable impression. In the Fine Art studio, guests admired the quality of the painting and drawing work produced by Sixth Form girls and enjoyed the lovely range of painted images made by younger girls as they explored the visual possibilities offered by African masks, fish and various natural forms. The Graphics studio offered a range of book cover and poster designs that showed evidence of huge enjoyment as well as imaginative flair, mastery of Photoshop and technical skill with camera or drawing tablet.

Our most talented artists were commended at a special Golden Sketchbook awards assembly, held later in the week.

Girls from Year 10 onwards have the chance to explore the potential of the moving image using Adobe After Effects. The short movies they produce as part of GCSE and A Level work give them another avenue through which to explore their creativity and have resulted in work of exceptional quality. The resulting movies were shown in our own mini-cinema in G12 at the Art Exhibition and were very favourably received.

Each year six of the best movies are shown to Davis Guggenheim, the acclaimed American film director, with whom the school has enjoyed a connection for several years. His Guggenheim Movie Prize is awarded to his choice from this selection and the recipient this year was Katie Butcher in Year 13. The Guggenheim Prize nominated movies and all other movies made in the department this year can be seen on YouTube at


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