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Afternoon at the House Pancake Races

12 February 2016

In the Prep School we always enjoy celebrating traditional events in the calendar and Tuesday was no exception when we marked Pancake Day.

In Nursery the girls helped shake the pancake mixture which Mrs Coulson then made into pancakes. The girls enjoyed flipping the pancakes and then tasting them.

In the Prep Department all girls from Years 1 – 6 gathered in the Octagon for the annual House Pancake Race.  Year 6 started the relay event where they each had to toss the pancake six times.  They then handed the frying pan batons to Year 5 girls who tossed their pancakes five times.

With the excitement building and girls showing support for their Housemates, the competition continued with all girls taking part.

After Year 1 had finished taking part in their first full House event, the final results were announced.  The winners were the girls from Nightingale House!

Do not be surprised if the girls ask for pancakes early next year so that they can practice!

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