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A Very Memorable Sixth Form Sleepover

16 October 2015

On Thursday 8 October, Sixth Form girls gathered by the entrance of EHS armed with duvets and a plethora of pillow cases to embark on a night to be filled with assault course ventures, dancing and Patrick Swayze on the big screen. The night definitely surpassed our expectations thanks to meticulous planning by the leadership team Hanna, Chloe and Lucy and will definitely be a highlight of our time in Sixth Form.

News travelled fast and the Sixth Form quickly grew excited at the prospect of scaling a massive bouncy castle set up in the gym. Having successfully survived the bouncy castle, our resident 'DJs' got everyone dancing in true EHS fashion with music ranging from the noughties to modern day rap and the Sixth Form's true repertoire of dance moves were revealed!

Only the much anticipated arrival of the Dominoes delivery man could break up the dance floor as we headed towards the dining hall ready to devour a massive amount of pizza. The much appreciated food provided brain power for our Big Quiz, which consisted of different rounds from Geography to Music, film quotes to teacher facts. Having picked up some unusual facts about our teachers, the scores were totted up and competition was rife. This healthy competition continued with a game of Hide and Seek having split Year 12 and 13 into two teams. With one last round on the bouncy castle, the finale of the dancing and the fluffing of pillows, the Sixth Form were ready to enjoy the film Dirty Dancing. The finale song '(I've had) The Time of My Life' ran synonymous with the overall feeling towards the night. Needless to say, we didn't go to sleep with ease despite the ever pending doom of Friday lessons and after being awoken rather reluctantly, breakfast with a range of croissants, sausages and bacon sandwiches provided a comfort to everyone.

Despite dragging our feet throughout the next day and the common room being bombarded by an array of duvets, there was a mutual sense of gratitude for the wonderful EHS sleepover that allowed Year 12 and 13 to not only integrate but join together to appreciate the privileges of life in the Sixth Form. Of course, this event wouldn't have been such a success without the meticulous planning by the leadership team who gave a lot of their time to make this event memorable, EHS staff who encouraged and supported the fun we had and thanks to Mr Wootton and his team for the wonderful breakfast!

Written by

Tara Baaj and Ellenor Blake Y13
Secretary, Sixth Form Committee   


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