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A Tudor Experience for Year 4

27 November 2015

On Tuesday 24 November the Year 4 girls went on their trip to Selly Manor which enhanced what they had been learning in their recent History lessons on the Tudors. They had a tour of the manor house, finding out about how the house had been originally made with oak sourced from the local forests. They learnt about the different rooms inside the house and what they would have been used for. They set the table in the dining room and learnt about the sort of food the Tudors would have eaten and how it would have been cooked on a spit over an open fire. In the bedrooms they looked at a traditional Tudor bed which had four posts and a roof on it to keep the rain out. It also had curtains round it to keep the heat in and the rats out!! They found the fact that the Tudors had no toilets disgusting and heard that the contents of the chamber pot in the morning would have to be thrown out onto the street below!

They were also told about the History of The Church of England and how Henry VIII set it up to allow him to divorce his first wife. Catholics in Tudor times had to pray in secret. It was thought that the family in Selly Manor remained Catholic as in their attic they had a priest hole where the priest would hide if there was ever a raid of the house. The girls particularly enjoyed this story and could not believe someone would be able to fit in such a small space.

The girls were made to think about how they would have spent their time without iPads, television and other modern electrical items - quite difficult for our modern girls today. However the highlight of the day for many was dressing up as Tudor girls and boys and playing traditional Tudor games, such as the diablo, skittles, hoopla and juggling!

The day ended by singing some traditional Tudor Christmas carols and reciting The Pomander Poem and The Wassail Poem. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their experience at Selly Manor learning more about how the Tudors lived.






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