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A time for reflection on Pink Rose Day

30 June 2017

On Friday 23 June, Senior School marked Pink Rose Day. This was the day on which we remembered, reflected upon and celebrated all the members of our school community, pupils and staff, whom sadly, have lost over the years. It was the conclusion to a week during which girls and staff brought in pink roses to place in vases on window ledges, desks and shelves throughout Senior School.

The focus of Pink Rose Day was a special assembly which, this year, was led by the members of the new leadership team for 2017-18 Holly Morgan, Eve Laffoley and Laura Woolley.

Holly introduced our time of reflection and recollection with a poem, ‘Those Who Are Near Me Do Not Know’ by Rabindranath Tagore, followed by an explanation of the significance of Pink Rose Day which began following the death of a pupil, Claudia Burnand. Elizabeth Edwards then recited ‘Roses’, the poem written by a former member of staff, which explains why pink roses have become such an important symbol of our commemoration and which has, therefore, become a traditional part of our assembly. This was followed by Caitlin Kisumba’s violin performance of ‘Falling’ by Pam Wedgewood and Charley Johnson’s vocal performance of ‘Think of Me’ from ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. Miss Glover, a member of staff, who was a pupil at EHS when Claudia died and who knew her as a friend, then read ‘All Men Have Stars’ from ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The Pink Rose Assembly is very much a commemoration on the part of our school community for those whom we have lost from it. However, this year in particular, it was felt that as a part of our commemoration it was right to look beyond the EHS community to the wider community that is our nation. Therefore, we concluded our assembly by remembering all of those who have lost their lives and those who are grieving as a consequence of the recent events in Manchester and London. The Kisumba Family played and Mr Kisumba sang a prayer he had written, entitled ‘Bring Us Hope Again’. This was a poignant, but nonetheless uplifting and joyful, end to our very special assembly.

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