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Year 9 Classicists visit the Ashmolean Museum

02 December 2016

On Thursday 24 November, Year 9 girls were accompanied by the Classics department and Mrs Johnson on a trip to Oxford University's Ashmolean Museum. Starting with a long coach journey, Year 9 were very excited to visit the museum as well as the surrounding colleges.

When we arrived, the year split into two groups: one group went off to explore the museum by themselves while the other group were given a lesson on the artefacts. They were even allowed to handle some of these artefacts.

For lunch the girls were again confused as all the groups swapped around to go to lunch at three different colleges, but we pulled through.  Everyone enjoyed their extravagant lunches at either a small or large college. Most girls then got a lovely tour of the college they went to, but shortly had to leave for the afternoon activities.

In the afternoon, the girls went back into their original groups and swapped activities from the morning. During the handling session, we discovered things like arrowheads that the Ancient Greeks used, along with coins used for trade and broken handles from pots. The girls then went on a hunt for vases: they were given pictures of so they could find information about them. The EHS girls’ final task was to go around the statues and mimic some of the poses to find out the positions the Greeks had to stay in for many hours – this seemed to be their favourite task for some reason…

Whilst this went on, the second group went round the museum discovering information about items they were assigned. Some of the artefacts they took pictures of included Roman jewellery and Greek vases. Girls also found out that the preferred way the masculine body could be portrayed in ancient times was nude!

All the girls enjoyed the trip, and learnt something new in a different way. This enjoyment was shown on the way back to school as the girls seemed to be especially over-excited and in particularly loud voice!

Harriet Stanaway and Fiona Mellor, Year 9

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