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The appliance of Science for Year 5

23 June 2017

Last week, Year 5 girls visited Biology Lab 1 in Senior School. Here they used paintbrushes and spoons to carefully look through leaf litter. They were on the hunt for small invertebrates and were rewarded with a large number of finds. Indeed, the girls were amazed at the sheer number of creatures they could find within a small amount of leaf litter.

There were worms and spiders aplenty! One group found over 15 woodlice while another group spotted a rare flat-backed millipede. Everyone was calm and sensible throughout, even when there were a few unexpected escapees from the petri dishes!

The session was a great opportunity to experience a Senior School Biology lesson led by a specialist Biology teacher. The girls also practised using equipment which they will encounter again when they move up to Year 7. This included binocular microscopes which were used to observe our leaf litter invertebrates up close, while monocular microscopes were used to observe pre-prepared slides of common household invertebrates.

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