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Year 5 Fly High During Rocket Launch Challenge

23 January 2015

On Thursday this week, pupils in Year 5 met up with Sixth Form girls in the Octagon to take part in a rocket launch challenge!

The aim of the challenge was to create a rocket that would not only fly well but would look good in the air too! The girls were first given a tutorial on different rocket designs and were then set off on the task.

The girls were firstly given a set time period in which to test several different rocket designs.After this time, they had to commit to one particular design which they thought would fly the best and prepare it for its flight in the final competition.Once the total time limit for the challenge had been reached, the rockets were judged on their appearance, time spent in the air and distance travelled.

The winning teams will be announced next week so we eagerly await the results!Many thanks to the senior staff and the girls in the Sixth Form for helping our Year 5 pupils.

Miss Samson
Prep Science Co-ordinator




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