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Tennis enrichment for Year 2

12 May 2017

Edgbaston High School has formed a partnership with Priory Tennis Club to develop the enjoyment, participation and skills of girls in the sport of tennis across all ages. Last week saw the girls in Year 2 being invited to participate in the Miss Hit. This is a programme trail blazed by Judy Murray, former coach of the British Ladies Federation Cup team, mother of World Number 1 men's singles player Andy and doubles player Jamie, not to mention former Strictly Come Dancing contestant.

girls spent the morning in the ITC developing fitness, agility and coordination skills. A rotation of activities included individual and paired work. The girls particularly enjoyed working with balloons to improve their hand to eye coordination skills. After a short break the girls were back on court using balls and racquets for rallying and target practice.

Year 2 girls and staff thoroughly enjoyed the hints and tips and look forward to developing their Tennis skills back at school.

We look forward to developing our relationship with Priory Tennis Club and following the progress of the Murray brothers along with Jo Konta and the other British tennis players over the Summer.

Thank you to Mrs Batchelor, Head of PE and Outreach for organising the event.

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