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Year 1 scientists visit Think Tank

28 April 2017

On Tuesday 4th April, Year 1 were excited to set off to Thinktank on their Science trip. The girls explored many areas of the interactive museum including ‘The Street’ where they found out more about recycling and ‘The Past’ where they discovered transport and machinery from history.

The main focus of the trip was to learn more about our bodies and the girls enjoyed a lesson in the classroom thinking more about their senses and the jobs of their internal organs. Exploring the ‘All About Me’ gallery was then a chance to discover more with lots to touch and play with.

A highlight of the day was time in ‘Kids City’ with lots of dressing up and role play … trying not to get your feet wet in the outdoor Science garden was an additional challenge too!

A very busy but enjoyable and valuable day for the girls.

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