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Westbourne Young Athletes

24 June 2016

We were all pleased that there was no rain on Wednesday, even if it was cloudy, so that we could hold our Westbourne Activity Afternoon.

From 1.30pm parents arrived at the school playing fields to watch their daughters from Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception take part in a number of sporting activities.

Nursery started their events with a team-building parachute activity.  They then moved on to races involving dinosaur jumping, push chair derby and the fancy dress race.  They competed in teams and there was much encouragement from the Team Managers, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Coulson and Mrs Aulak.

Kindergarten and Reception girls then took part in a number of team events with running, balancing, jumping and egg and spoon races.  There was much evidence of team support, effort and concentration all cheered on by the crowd of parents, grandparents and friends.

The final events involved the crowd with races for siblings and parents all followed by a well-earned ice lolly!

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