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We love trees - Woodland Trust campaign

17 February 2017

The Woodland Trust launched a campaign to raise awareness of climate change and the potential negative impact climate change has upon many things we love and cherish.

To be involved in the campaign, girls in Prep have decorated a tree with green hearts. Each heart has a personal message or picture of something the girls love and want to protect for themselves and future generations.

By decorating a tree with hearts we have shown how much we love and appreciate trees, especially for the role they play in reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Our Eco Reps assisted in choosing and decorating a tree on the school grounds. They had to ensure the hearts were firmly attached as it was such a windy morning!

Our hearts will now be sent to the Woodland Trust so they can combine our hearts with green hearts produced by children and adults from all over the country. These will be used to create the ‘tree charter love tree’. We look forward to seeing a photograph of the tree charter love tree which will be sent to us soon.

As part of our in-school campaign to raise awareness our girls also wore green heart stickers. If you want to take part at home or in your office, further information can be found at

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