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To the Towers and Dungeons With Year 1

21 November 2014

Last week, a very excited coach full of Year 1 girls set off for Tamworth Castle. After a short milk and biscuit stop (and quick run around!) at the playground, we headed for the castle and began the steep climb up the steps.

The girls were soon immersed in a range of workshops to develop their knowledge and understanding of life in a castle.

We helped Lucy, the servant, to lay the table ready for the Lord and Lady's meal. The girls considered the materials that the various plates, cutlery and accessories were made from and decided which belonged to the Lord and Lady and which were used by the servants. The Lady then arrived to check the table and invited the girls into her day parlour, where she showed them the clothes that her children wore. She apologised to the girls that they were unable to stay for the banquet as she had not prepared enough food, only for the girls to tell her that they had brought their own sandwiches anyway! The Lady was slightly alarmed to hear that they were going to eat witches made from sand!

Next was squire training. First the girls talked about the different ways that castles were attacked and defended. They then helped to dress a knight in his armour and looked at some of the different weapons that were used. Finally they took part in a drill in the courtyard, striking high and low on command with their (soft and safe) weapons. Most of the girls decided that they would have liked to be a squire despite being too young and not being boys!

A tour of the castle brought to life all the features that the girls had recently learnt about in History lessons. We peered through the battlements at the top of the tower and walked across the wall walk, looking down in to the courtyard. The girls were brave enough to explore the dungeon and crept inside the walls to look through the arrow slits. All around the castle we enjoyed hands on activities and dressing up, realising how heavy armour, chainmail and helmets were.

After such a busy day there were lots of little girls happily snoozing on the coach on the way back to school. The girls really experienced life in a castle and will undoubtedly have learnt so much.

We will continue our History focus on castles, as part of our Homes topic, until the end of term. We look forward to our day of building castles from junk and designing and making our clay tile castles.

Mrs Aston & Year 1 Staff

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