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Suzanne Barnes Design Award 2017

10 February 2017

This year saw the School's fourth collaboration with the Birmingham interior designer Suzanne Barnes. Back in September, the Year 12 D&T Textiles students were set a brief by Suzanne to design a collection of interior fabrics for a typical client: a young professional with a keen interest in the latest trends.

The students were asked to explore the industry’s recent curiosity with the ‘loud and brash 90s’ which invariably took them back to a diverse and comprehensive mix of Oasis and Kate Moss, intense glossy and metallic colour, Adidas trainers with feminine silhouettes and modern, harsh-lined architecture; a very current contemporary trend.

Inspired by an era of which they have no recollection, the students quickly pressed forward with their individual projects, experimenting with a wide range of techniques including print, stitch, 3D fabric manipulation and embellishment. They were innovative and demonstrated their ‘have a go’ attitude, working with paint on PVC and thermochromic fabrics, which change colour with heat.

Suzanne popped in to see the students mid-project to give them some valuable advice and guidance before the big hand-in in December. Although initially the students were all inspired by the same theme, their individual collections were made up of diverse and unique pieces which both catered to our brief and their own personal aesthetic style. 

The Suzanne Barnes Design Award this year was awarded to Mia McGuire with Amandeep Birdi being a very close runner up. We congratulate the girls on their achievement, and also commend the other students, Eve Laffoley, Beth Emms, Mia Partridge and Aisha Moghal, for their designs.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Suzanne for her ongoing commitment to the school and particularly to the D&T Textiles department: this is a very unique opportunity for the girls to have a taste of the industry. The girls really stepped up to the challenge and we are delighted with all their efforts. Well done, girls!

Mrs L Mooney
Subject Leader Textiles




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