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Students in Biology Olympiad Success

07 October 2016

The Intermediate Biology Olympiad is a national competition for Sixth Form students. The Olympiad is a challenge designed to test a student’s knowledge of many aspects of Biology, studied both inside and outside of the curriculum.

This year saw a fantastic number of applicants, with over 3,500 Year 12 and Year 13 students participating in the competition.

The challenge was taken at the end of the summer term and we are now pleased to announce the results:


  • Maryam Bibi
  • Juwairryah Butt
  • Laura Clark
  • Gabriella Higginbottom
  • Leah Khan
  • Mya Roberts


  • Ellen Khan
  • Huma Hasan


  • Donia Fleet
  • Hafsah Khan

Congratulation to all of our students.

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