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Stringcredibles' Tunes from the Trenches

11 March 2016

Last Friday, pupils in the Prep Department were treated to a performance of ‘Tunes from the Trenches’ by the Stringcredibles as part of our centenary commemoration of World War I. 

The string quartet began by introducing their instruments, then told the story of the First World War through music, spoken word and photographs.  There was audience participation as the pupils joined in enthusiastically with ‘Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag’ and ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’.  The pupils learned about the role of animals and life in the trenches and even heard an extract from ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo.

Here are some quotes from Prep pupils:

“Amazing!  I loved it!”

“It was a fun way of learning History”

“It was a touching message to give to people”

“The music gave me feelings and made me emotional”

“It was interesting because it was words and music together”

Miss Deacon
Prep History Coordinator

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